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Looking at current day events in our world and working thru predictions, concepts and more. Learning to allow the free flow of thought and information to unfold within you as secrets of our universe and current day world are revealed in the ethers.

World Vision, Prediction & Prophecy with Tony Stockwell

Join us in looking at current day events in our world and seeing if we can reach a consensus of ideas, share our intuitive thoughts and delve deep into the potential outcomes.

As we continue down this slippery slope of earthly events, we all become curious & concerned about where we are headed and what is causing so much confusion and chaos, change and disruption. As mediums we find ourselves faced with these earthly questions from our clients and even from within  our own inquisitive minds. Searching for answers soley from the conscious mind, television narrative or voice of others, even when reasonable & informed, still does not satisfy this need to know and understand.

We must delve deeper into things, into what  affects us, our beautiful planet & home.  We cannot leave the answers to the unknown, others or a  narrative filled with half truth at best. We must find our own answers and join with our peers to uncover answers together in this exciting, dynamic class of investigative work.

While prophecy has been a part of mankind for ages, it is often looked at as a thing of the past, while many of the predictions are based on current day times.

Why not uncover the predictions and prophecies of today? From current day prophets?   From the evolved world we live in now?  From the expanded minds of current day mediums & mystics, who work tirelessly to reveal the truth, the reality of Spirit & who do their very best to represent the truth of the ethers? This is what we are exploring in this workshop & we look forward to your participation & input.

Thru altered states, deep inquiry & creative exercises, we will uncover what we can about the world today and how we see things unfolding in our near and present future.  We will investigate consensus in prophetic visions or concepts. We will strive to align our minds with truth and possibilities.

As always, Tony will lead us on a mystical crusade of the mind as we find the stream of consciousness to deliver us to the holy ground of our planet’s current predicament and future possibilites.

We are ambassadors for spirit and we cannot discount our earthly responsibilites of bringing hope, comfort and insight for those inquiring.  We can step into all our powerful abilities and reach for higher ground in our perceptions, delving into difficult topics that affect us all and can make some uncomfortable.  If not us, then who?

The past held people who made bold predictions and focused on this type of work.  Present day religious and political views, both in Spiritual communities & other groups, often discourage this type of endeavor & seeking.  But  is that condemnation a ‘sign of the times’ or a ‘rule of the day’ ?

How could it be blasphemy to search out what the future holds?  Or to discover true motive or secret agendas of controlling forces that affect us all?   Sounds more like a convenient human control mechanism than a statement from God. We are stepping outside of that all but forgotten paradigm, in search of higher ground, insight that can help us, people and our world, and ways to satisfy the inquiring mind as it is faced with so many things that do not appear to make sense.