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This workshop is for those focused on their intuitive development, wishing to improve their capacity, improving their psychic perception. Open to all levels and will include a talk, exercises to build your abilities and practice sessions with others. In person at Love of Avery Kind studio. Free parking in the back and throughout Crescent Beach.

Spirit Love Project: Develop Your Own Intuitive Ability

This one day workshop is followed by a more in depth workshop on Sunday, that is focused on Mediumship exclusively.

This Saturday workshop, Develop Your Own Intuitive Ability will give you an introduction and experience with your own intuitive or psychic senses.  Psychic sense is a natural ability that everyone holds naturally to some degree.  As we become ‘conditioned’ by the world around us and develop patterns of thinking and belief systems, we may also ignore these natural intuitive insights.

This class is about empowering yourself, through your own available energy field and expanded mind.  It is about building your own energy so that you feel more present and alive, but also so that you may learn to utilize your natural energy field in ways that help you and your life’s outcomes.

These skills are very natural and easy to learn even if you have no experience, and quick to build and develop if you have any experience at all or existing interest.

Many religions, philosophies and cultures have used methods to build energy for the purposes of vitality and mind abilities and the various methods often hold similarities to each other. We will focus on basic, effective methods that are simple, easy to perform and very efficient at creating the internal environment for you to improve the inner workings of your self.

You will leave with skills to use ongoing that will be helpful in the development of your psychic senses and sensitivity to energy and the information it holds.

You will have opportunities to test your intuitive or psychic abilities with others and get help along the way from Nicole.

This is a safe and supportive environment to learn and develop.  This class is at an introductory level and if you have intermediate level experience or higher you are welcome to come and enjoy the experience, and support those newer to the craft, and I will ensure you get a chance to practice at your level of development also. But of course there will be some things that are repetitive or ‘too elementary’ for your skill level.  Open to all.  Not available online.