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Expanding into trusting your seership is a valuable and evolutionary lesson as you experience a new way information comes into your awareness & how to work with it. This age old craft is excellent for your own evolution and pursue it with confidence and reverence for the work as we gather in this interesting and exploratory subject.

Seership & Our Soul’s Evolution with Tony Stockwell

As we strive to follow our best path in life we can sometimes feel like we are not making as much progress as we’d like.  By using your Seership in you life, your work and education can become more focused on specific goals & direction. Learn the subtle signs to follow and the insight to align with.

Step into your authority as a Seer, Medium & Multi Dimensional Light being and demand more of yourself, your absolute best, while accepting your calling and position as a true oracle in and for this world.  Our evolving Souls are inspired and we forge ahead to uncover all that is possible. Unapologetic and amazing….yours for the taking & being…if you dare.  Join us on the road to Seership & all it brings to you & those you serve.