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A class in developing our Mediumship, in Person at Love of Avery Kind Studio, open to all. This workshop is for those wishing to develop and practice mediumship skills. Will give you a deeper understanding of your process and experiences, helping you develop your skills & perceptions.

Mediumship Sunday in Studio with Nicole

This Sunday afternoon is filled with Mediumship in person, in the studio at Crescent Beach!  Instruction, guided journey to connect, and plenty of exercises to develop your skills as a medium, connecting to discarnate spirit, angels and guides.

Love of Avery Kind welcomes all levels to this class but some experience is helpful.  If you are new and wish to come and learn along at your own pace you are completely welcome and I am sure you will learn something in this supportive, relaxed environment.

We will be focused on connecting to our loved ones in the Spirit World and bringing evidence of their lives here, their awareness of our life now, and how they interact with you from their Spirit home now.  We will have a 20 min break midway to snack or walk the beach and be very focused throughout this 4 hour class.

Mediumship is a craft that may not be for everyone but most people experience some form of mediumship, even without knowing it, at many times in their lives.  A few, dedicated to this path of consciousness take it to the next level of digging into the mechanics, learning the processes and developing their awareness in a way that invites and recognizes these subtle shifts in energy environment and information they are perceiving.  While we need to learn how to discern this path, we are forever enriched by the experiences, no matter how far we take it in our own lives.  Even if you have no intention of becoming a professional medium, you can use the art and perception of mediumship in many ways in your own life.  The path of discovering mediumship within your own being, is incredibly insightful into the nature of your self & soul, how your mind works and processes information, and the many ways in which information, thoughts and feelings are registered within you- even where they originate!

Consider mediumship an education of the self because that is exactly what it creates and the journey doesn’t really have an ending…it is the undulating path of our own evolution and the experience of who we truly are….enjoy!

At Love of Avery Kind, we are here to help you along your path of self discovery and more.