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Join our Kajabi Community!

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Mediumship & Mysticism with Tony Stockwell

Using Shamanism, magical, cultural, spiritual depths, subtle nature connections, spirit guides, alchemy & other mystical modalities, we deepen our connection to spirit..

In our work as we strive to access deeper information, acuracy  and understanding we need to move forward, open doors & also rely and respect the historical methods we have available to us & grown up on.

But the world of Mediumship continues to evolve and merge with the mystical and it is up to us to facilitate the blend….to evolve with it.   We endeavor to  free our consciousness & pre existing limitations,  and embrace the incredible power we have that is so much more than we have been led to believe. Let us take off our boundaries and reach into the ethers to create  the type of experience that leaves us all knowing we have been touched by something much greater than ourselves.