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a workshop in aligning to your own inner power, balance and manifestation abilities, bringing benefits to your work and your own life. Focusing on the ways we create in our lives and how this affects what we create in our readings. Ways to manifest the best version of ourselves, bringing us to new depths in our work with others.

Manifesting & Destiny for the Seer & Mystic with Tony Stockwell

Using our senses to align with our best outcomes in our own lives and in our work is an art form worthy of pursuit. Manifesting is a very real part of our lives as mediums and as we surrender to spirit, the wonder of our personal miracles unfold. This subtle dance with intention, a centered, focused peaceful mind & the universal flow of energy available to receive from, brings us to the sweet spot of surrender and the place we suddenly know we were born to frequent.

This interesting concept brings so many questions about the nature of reality, our part in it as a creative force as well as receiving participant.  How much is pre destined and what role does our own creative force play in this miracle of existence?

Our understanding as mediums expands as we realize how these concepts affect our work, the type of information we receive from spirit and our own soul’s knowing. How we have the ability to create within our own lives, as well as in our relationship with Spirit & the creative forces in the universe & world we live in.

Working with the art of manifestation can improve your life as well as your sense of peace and well being, but your work can take on an empowering role for your clients as you uncover areas in their own lives that they could manifest change.