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3 hour classes on Tuesdays, ONLINE & recorded. These classes take a look at our own spiritual development as people, how our awareness expands and our psychic and mediumship skills unfold. $40/per session or save by booking all 6 at once.

Explorations of Mediumship & our Evolution

Join a group of Spiritual Explorers developing Psychic & Mediumship Perception. Enjoy readings, insights, evolution & growth in unimaginable ways.

What to Expect:

  • Learn to trust your own intuition & realize when you are perceiving, and not just imagining
  • Become one with your inner strength & soul.

Blend with your spirit guidance. Open your mind to possibilities.

Become more aware of the many faculties available to you, as you EXPLORE MEDIUMSHIP & Our  Evolution online with Nicole. This ongoing series is unique & ever-changing just like you, designed to increase your psychic perceptions, mediumistic evidence & inner knowing in a practical way, while becoming more sure of ourselves and our abilities. We approach our awareness & perceptions naturally and simply as they occur and unfold & learn from our experiences with Spirit.  We focus on aligning with these inherent aspects of ourselves & increasing our access to them.

We explore many aspects of our own being and consciousness as we unfold Mediumship, it’s uses and ongoing inter mingling in our lives & minds. We delve into practices that improve our awareness & understanding as well as stretch our psyche in a way that promotes growth, inner understanding & new neuropathways. As you continue to work in this introspective way, you become more tuned into your own guidance & learn ways to build that connection ongoing.

Explorations of Mediumship & Our Evolution

Pay for each class or all at once. Sessions recorded.

Tuesday live meetings, ongoing community and benefits

$40 per week/class USD Online. $200 / 6 classes if purchased all at once.

Tuesdays 12pm-3pm PST