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Deepen the connection to self and in doing so, create insight and personal healing, an understanding of your own awareness that is focused and helpful, gives us surity in our work and helps us know how to move forward. Learn to rely on yourself in ways that only you can do.

Embrace of the Soul & Our Awareness with Tony Stockwell

A workshop in finding higher connections to self, soul, your highest part of your being and source that is available for you.  Learning to make these higher level connections for healing, depth of information and reverence.

Expanding on our ability to surrender & make a deeper connection to your own being. Our vulnerability is our access and our faith and trust our wings as we embrace the inner faculties of our own soul and what awareness comes with along.

The depth of our seership and inner knowing can only be accessed by truly knowing our own selves and being able to access and accept the many aspects that make up our whole.